Have you been-there-done-that with most of the leprechaun tricks out there. Here’s five that you probably haven’t seen before!

#1 Rainbow Windshield

Have you ever seen a rainbow automatically appear across your windshield? It’s him, the leprechaun. He’s been here!

Squeeze out a row of acrylic paints in ROYGBIV order and then turn on your wipers ONE time. This is a one shot-deal but how fun for the kids to see an instant rainbow happen!

#2 Green Water coming out the faucet!

This one’s a real hoot and seriously ups the ante on the old green-water-in-the-toilet trick. It’s as simple as buying some colored fizzy tablets (you can sometimes find these at Toys R’Us as colored bath tablets or online). Do NOT use the Easter egg coloring tablets, those stain! See here how to turn the kitchen faucet water green and get some awed faces from your kids.

#3 Streamer Rainbow

Who wouldn’t love to literally walk through a rainbow first thing in the morning! This super easy rainbow trick is as pretty as it is fun! See here how to do it.


#4 Green Shoelaces

After your kids are in bed, re-lace their sneakers with bright green shoelaces. I’m pretty sure the dollar stores still have some in stock, but a sports footwear store might also carry them.

#5 Silly String

I never let my kids get this stuff, never! But I always loved spraying it myself! Here’s your chance– cover your kitchen sink or bathroom or whatever you want in silly string. When the kids wake up, they’ll see what that naughty leprechaun has been up to!

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