Three women doctors are changing the way we view and talk about our bodies, let’s meet who they are!

Ever sneeze peed?!

Yup, we are going there today.

Because our bodies need us to chat about this. And it won’t be as embarrassing as you think.  Why? Because these doctors talk about everything with compassion and humor. Thank goodness for the humor, that’s how I truly know when people are “our people”. So let’s find out how these physicians care for women (and men!) while lifting stigma about subjects that were once taboo (and who are these rockstars anyway).

Have you ever finally felt secure enough to talk to your doctor about your pelvic floor issues, body image or sexual health only to find that your appointment is already over because they are overbooked? It’s sort of like when you are putting your kids to bed and JUST before you’re about to give that final kiss and walk out….all the hurts from their day come spilling out. Kids need time and space to feel comfortable to let you in their scary parts of their days. Often times, we as adults, feel the same with our physicians. Thoughts of what if this is silly, or embarrassing creep into your head. Well here at Mindful Roots, they don’t make 15 minute appointments. You have space to share just how often sneeze pee is happening, or why you want your restaurant table near the restroom or how much you are affected by your body image- all without judgement. They even say it in their collective out loud voices right on their website:

“Our primary focus with our new adventure stems from the identified need in our community to provide both a safe and secure space, in addition to time, to discuss sensitive subject matter. Our goal is to create an open atmosphere to talk about body image, sexual and pelvic health without judgment. The current focus will be with urinary incontinence, pelvic floor relaxation, core strength, body image, and overall wellness. HOW WE CARRY and FEEL about ourselves. We have some exciting tools that we hope will help you.”

How did such a safe haven come to exist?

Mindful Roots stemmed from a fun and collaborative project initiated by three forward thinking female physicians. Their diverse backgrounds make for the foundation (and thus roots) of their practice. Their mindful and careful consideration on what they want to bring to our community is the basis behind their mission.

Thank goodness these doctors exist! So…. who are they?

Meet Rana Daniel DO, Catherine Krouse DO, and Lisa Parsons DO

Dr. Rana Daniel grew up in Massachusetts and got
her Bachelor’s in Biology from Randolph-Macon Woman’s College in Virginia. She went to the University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine and graduated in 2008.

Rana’s interest in women’s health led her to complete her Ob/Gyn residency at Wilmington NC in 2012, and is board certified. She has an interest in helping women in all areas and stages of their lives, from adolescence to post-menopause.

When the opportunity arose, Rana jumped at the chance to form and join Mindful Roots because she sees the need to the community, and great things possible with this practice.

Dr. Daniel continues to work as an Obstetrician in Lewiston. She spends her free time with her husband, 3 children, and sweet Golden Retriever


Dr. Krouse is a board certified family physician. She received her undergraduate education at Temple University where she received her Bachelor’s degree in World Religion, summa cum laude. She then graduated
from Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine in 2011 at which time she moved to Maine complete her family medicine residency at Central Maine Medical Center in 2014.

Catherine decided to stay in Maine to start her own practice based on the philosophy of direct primary care, Lotus Family Practice in 2015. A successful practice established in Falmouth, Maine; Catherine was voted as Maine Osteopathic Association’s Young Physician of the Year in 2016. Since opening her practice she has developed interests in other areas such as obesity medicine, and is now working toward her board certification in this specialty. In addition, Catherine has a passion for bringing light and awareness to areas that tend to hide in the shadows of our culture, resulting in shame, with regards to body image, obesity, sexuality, and pelvic floor dysfunction.

In her spare time Catherine has become a yoga instructor through Phoenix Rising Sun Yoga Therapy. Catherine’s lifelines include surfing, swing dancing, hiking, and skiing.


Dr. Lisa Parsons is a board certified ob-gyn. She received her undergraduate education at Skidmore College where she received a degree in biochemistry in addition to a wonderful liberal arts education During her time at college her parents and brothers made the move from Guilford Connecticut to Maine. Loving the state of Maine, and loving her family, Lisa was happy to be accepted into the University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine in which she graduated in 2001. She completed her residency at Maine Medical Center in 2005 and was fortunate enough to work at All About Woman and Mercy Hospital until 2013 as a full-time ob-gyn working closely (and delivering) many in the Portland area community. Looking to spread her wings and try something new Lisa decided to split her time between teaching as the discipline chief and professor at the University of New England for the medical students, in  addition to continuing her clinical skills as an ob-gyn as a laborist- nocturnist in the Lewiston area .

Wishing to continue to grow, and explore new opportunities, Lisa was lucky enough to find and collaborate with her partners at Mindful Roots.

In addition to medicine and teaching, Lisa is a certified scuba diver, lover of all things bulldog, and cares dearly for her friends and family.

How do I find these Physicians?

It almost seems to good to be true, but I pinky promise they are real and not talking M&M’s (they do exist, lol). At Mindful Roots, you can schedule a complimentary visit. Not only is it free, they will listen to your concerns with compassion and share ways to help support getting you to your goals. The treatments they perform are non-invasive. How lovely not to wear a johnny! Keep your clothes on, your dignity in tact and get healthier and stronger roots…sounds pretty wonderful to us!

Mindful Roots
66 Leighton Road
Falmouth, ME 04105
Tel: 207-536-0560

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