Hey Dad, let’s face the heads up together. Are you ready for it?
Teachers aren’t making cute projects with your sweet kiddos this year (which is Sunday, May 10!).
I know, you’re up to your earlobes in so. many. other. things. We’re here to help you rock your Mother’s Day, Pandemic Style!

Clean Out Her Car:
Ok, not your favorite thing? Or maybe it is?! Crank some tunes with the kids and change the “We-can-survive-a-zombie-apocolypse-for-days-because-of-all-the-pretzel-sticks”  decor into a clean space that she enjoy on the way to the grocery store. While the big services are currently closed, you can always get her a gift certificate to one if some of the stuck lollipop sticks won’t budge in the way back seat. It’s ok, no judgement here. Those who know me IRL know of the infamous ham roll up. I’ve got you.   

Take her to the most romantic city on Earth- virtually:
Paris. Ah, the sights and sounds of Paris in springtime. You can take a decent virtual tour of almost anywhere these days. Try this link to The Louvre.  My too cool tween said it was “pretty cool” so I’m confident it will hold the attention of family members who might want to give an eye roll. No passports needed.

Virtual Meet Ups:
This one is has two (out of many) ways to use this idea. For Grandmas and Nanas: Have the kids meet up on the platform of your choice (facetime, zoom, skype) and entertain her for a few minutes. Play pictionary, read a book, sing a song- bonus points if the song is made up about them.

And for the lady in your life- set up a time for her and her friends to hang out without the kids around. It can be on Saturday as an early treat or Sunday. Make her one of her favorite drinks and keep the kids entertained so she can unwind and hang with her gal pals.

Pump Up The Jam:
This is one that will bring the whole family laughter. Try learning a new dance. The Peloton App is free for 30 days and has cardio dance classes and fit family fun classes. Another website has dance moves for 10 different kinds of dances. You can check out their easy to learn Hip Hop moves here.

“You’re really going to want to hang on to this, man”
Can you guess the movie?! There are so many local businesses that she may love or want to try. Some moms are looking forward to some pampering via haircuts, others are looking to have some issues addressed that affect their self esteem, or ability to not sneeze pee (yup, it’s thing for moms out there). Check out Mindful Roots for the latter or get in touch with her hair stylist’s business for the former. Whatever it is she needs or wants, you can get her the IOU she’ll really look forward to. Don’t forget to get the kids in the mix, coupons for doing dishes and not bickering are always welcome in our house.

Flowers, Again and Again and Again:
Give the gift that, literally, keeps on giving. Harry and David among others, offers 3, 6 and 12 months of beautiful flowers and plants for the recipient of your choice. Starting in May, she’ll receive a beautiful ceramic pot with pink and white roses and each month after a new plant arrives!

Pack the Picnic Basket:
Grab the picnic blanket, pack some easy to put together picnic foods or grab takeout from one of many local area businesses and dine al fresco with the family. You can stay in your backyard or hit an open spot on a trail away from others. Either way, Mom will love the effort to make her feel special.

Breakfast in Bed:
Seems like the quintessential experience for moms on Mother’s Day. Start her day off with the kids bringing her breakfast (you bring the coffee to avoid spills…I know from experience, lol). Eggs, toast, and a kid created card are basically the best. Keep it simple and she will love it.


Whatever you decide, tell us below and don’t forget to also let her know how much she’s appreciated for all she does. Moms gobble up the gushy stuff!

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