40 Ideas for non-candy Easter Egg stuffers. Now that’s sweet.

Looking for some alternatives to the sugary treats that are used to stuff Easter eggs? Check out these ideas for non-candy, non-edible (definitely not for eating) for Easter egg fillers.

GREAT TIP: If you’re early enough, pair up with a few other moms, buy in bulk and distribute amongst the families!

  1. Coins (maybe fill one or two with special .50 or gold dollar coins!)
  2. Puzzle pieces
  3. Marbles
  4. Glow stick bracelets (you can find these in packages of 5 at the dollar stores)
  5. Hair clips/barrettes
  6. Erasers
  7. Pencil grips
  8. Stickers
  9. Temporary tattoos
  10. Bracelets
  11. Small plastic figurines or parachute men
  12. Legos
  13. Matchbox
  14. Magnetic letters
  15. Squinkees
  16. Superballs
  17. Plastic farm animals
  18. Rubber stamps
  19. Post-it notes (my kids LOVE these)
  20. Seashells/seaglass (you can buy these at craft stores if you can’t find any on the beach!)
  21. Lip balm
  22. Glow-in the-dark star stickers (these come in a package, also at the dollar stores)
  23. Sponge capsules (the kind that turn into a dinosaur or fish)
  24. Fun bandaids
  25. Colored shoelaces
  26. Individually wrapped tea bags (this sounds odd, but my kids think tea is very posh and special!)
  27. Envelope of seeds (flowers, veggies)
  28. Balloons
  29. Glue sticks
  30. Rubber bugs/spiders
  31. Bath beads/bath fizzies
  32. Necklace beads and string
  33. Crazy Loom bands
  34. Sidewalk chalk (you can break these in half if you need to)
  35. Slap bracelets
  36. Photo key chains
  37. Small paint pots
  38. Craft supplies (pom poms, pipe cleaners, foam stickers)
  39. DIY Coupons (i.e. “Ice Cream with Mom”; “Redbox Movie”, “Donuts with Dad”)
  40. Love notes from Mom and Dad!

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