5 Fun ways to get you through til Spring! (Spoiler: Just say YES!)

March is a tough month for me. It’s the month where we start to feel all springtime and glowy–but just as we’re about to haul out the patio furniture, the skies open up and the kids are hunting for Easter eggs in the snow again. Argh.

However, with nearly everything in life, tragedy can be turned into triumph with just a little imagination. Ok, a lot of imagination but it’s really fun and gets you thinking Spring and before you know it, we’ll all be at Pine Point Beach freezing our ankles off in the Atlantic. Until then, here are five fun activities to get you through.

#1 Just Say Yes

How many times a day do we say “no” as parents? Sometimes it’s because the request is not exactly safe or it’s too close to dinnertime, but for me anyways, it’s usually because I don’t feel like cleaning up a mess or I’m too lazy to go outside with them (hey, I’m admitting it). But what if we started saying “yes” to things? Yes, wear your pajamas all day! Yes, let’s have ice cream for dinner! You want to make mud pies? Why not! To see your kids’ happiness and joy from a little “yes” makes it all worth it.


#2 Think Spring

It’s not always easy to think spring this time of year, particularly when the March weather doesn’t seem to cooperate (how many snowstorms in 7 days?!) but there are a few activities we enjoy as a family that gets us ready to say adios to winter. Take a day trip to The Butterfly Museum in Westford, MA is a balmy 82° indoor utopia of beautiful butterflies and tropical foliage. That’ll get you in the mood. We also love to hit up the indoor pool at The Works in Somersworth (day guest are passes available). It’s warm, there are lifeguards, a zero-depth wade in area for the little kids and a slide for the bigger ones. Done and done.

#3 Have a Party

My absolute favorite day of the year is coming up- Vernal Equinox. What might be just another day to some people is a celebration at our house. Hit up the dollar stores for some balloons, streamers and a plastic table cloth and Boom, it’s party time. The point is, you can create a party around basically anything. The dog’s birthday. It’s Wednesday. It’s National Chip and Dip Day (March 23, true story). Kids love parties so why not make a boring day into something special. Need more ideas? Visit holidayinsights.com for all the wacky daily holiday themes.

#4 Forts

One of the coolest things I can remember doing as a kid was building an indoor fort in the living room, which encompassed a viewing area of the television, of course. Imagination the caliber of fort you could build as an adult using supplies your parents always forbade (clean bed sheets, dad’s tools, *all the chairs*)! Even as an adult I appreciate the cozy cocoon aspect of a homespun fort. Not feeling it? See #1. I smell a movie night!


#5 Outdoor Scavenger Hunts

If there is no snow on the ground (you’re not in Maine this year) and most kids are unconcerned with temperature, it’s the perfect time of year for an outdoor scavenger hunt. Last year, my incredibly imaginative friend whipped up a list of searchable items for the kids that included things like “something that makes noise when you shake it “, “something that reminds you of mom” and “something that starts with the first letter of your first name.” You get the gist—this stuff takes time to find. Time for you and the DVR to get reacquainted, amiright? I love these types of scavenger hunts because not only does it get the kids outside and active, it gets them using their imagination. See these three free outdoor scavenger hunts on our website. So fun.

Summer, here we come.

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