Apple picking season is here! Time to crack open your wallet and dump it out all over the farm counter. Ok, I’m a little jaded because I just spent $18 on a peck of apples that took my son and me 10 minutes to pick, but hey, it’s all about the experience, right?

Don’t rush! Check out these clever ways to eke more “experience” out of your “experience”.

Make A Game Of It
Most kids will go straight for the lowest hanging fruit, so make a game of the “perfect pick”. Choose only the reddest, roundest and biggest apples the tree has to offer. Pick the perfect apple at the orchard this fall

Chow Time
Pack a picnic lunch or snacks and cop a squat in the apple orchard for a scenic break.

Make A Day Of It
Take advantage of the farm’s other activities. During the weekends, many offer petting zoos, hayrides, music and of course, cider donuts.

Say Cheese
What’s more picturesque than you’re little darlings amongst apple trees or pumpkin patches? Get them to stay still for a few shots by bribing them with cider donuts. Works every time. And don’t be shy, ask a passerby to take a family pic, you’ll be so happy you did.

Shun The Grocer
Hit up the farmer’s market and have your family help choose items to be used in preparing dinner. Most markets sell meat and produce, and some even have fresh pastas and herbs. Doesn’t get any fresher than that.

Looking for an orchard near you? Check out our pick your own apple directory and enjoy your experience!

basket with apples picked in the orchard


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