Here’s a tip that I stole from my good friend Kelly (she’s full of them and I’m always taking them). Thanks Kelly!

Ever experienced the nightmare of dragging your kids out of someone’s house after an intensely fun visit? Of course you have. The trick for turning a tearful goodbye into a happy farewell is plain and simple—bribery, and I’m totally comfortable with that.

I always have a stash of trinkets that I’ve picked up at the dollar store and keep them in a “Goodbye Treat” grab bag—glow stick wands, package of stickers or baseball cards, candy necklaces, etc. When your visitors are getting ready to head out, I stand in the front doorway with the goodies and let our little guests choose one item from the bag (don’t let them peek because that’ll open up a whole new can of worms). They’re usually so distracted with their new gift that they don’t even notice being ushered to the car. BOOM. Works every time.


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