Cute craft and holiday tradition: Wildlife Breakfast!

The holidays are ripe with traditions because they make this time of year so special! Check out this adorable Christmas Eve tradition sent to us by a loyal SKC fan, Jen from Hampton, that she does with her kids and extended family.

Wildlife Breakfast!

“On Christmas Eve, our family makes food ornaments to hang on the tree in our back yard as Christmas breakfast for the birds and squirrels. It’s a fun project and it helps reinforce the ideas of taking care of animals, giving, environmentalism, sharing and the spirit of the holidays. We always have my nephew join us, so it’s a tradition the little cousins can grow up doing together—and my sister always appreciates the little break and chance to get last minute things done while her son is at our house.

Here’s how you make them:

  • Use ingredients like popcorn, peanuts, birdseed, fresh cranberries, pears, clementines and apples (sliced horizontally so you get that little star pattern in the center), animal crackers, marshmallows, mini rice cakes and colorful cake decorations.
  • Stick everything together with a little imagination and a lot of peanut butter and string on pipe cleaners bent into hooks.
  • Find a tree with low enough branches for the kids to reach and you’re in business. They love it and we get great family photos out of the project every year.

One tip I’ve learned: Stay away from the metallic pipe cleaners – the little bits of tinsel that they’re made from will get into the food and that isn’t good for the wildlife. Also, using brightly colored pipe cleaners (they call them chenille stems now) makes it easier to locate them after the animals have pulled them off the tree and strewn them around the ground.

It’s a nice way to spend time together and the snacking is pretty decent, too!”

Wow, what a great family activity, Jen! Thanks for sharing! Looking for another wildlife holiday treat? Check out our recipe for Rudolph Food!

Does your family have any cute holiday traditions? Leave a comment below and inspire other families to try out a new and fun activity!

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