Ready to laugh? Easter family traditions that your kids will love!

When I was a kid, the Easter Bunny didn’t hide our baskets like he did at other kids’ houses. Our Easter haul was easily accessible and on display in the middle of the living room floor. Which, I thought, made the candy consumption much more efficient. So when I became a parent myself, I dutifully carried on that delivery tradition until last year my kids said to me, “Can you call the Easter Bunny and ask him to hide our baskets? It would be more fun. This way is kind of boring.”

And so it began. A generation of new holiday traditions was hatched unto our home like a baby chick on Easter. That year, the Bunny left special “scavenger hunt” glasses with clues to hidden goodies all over the house. To watch their joy while running from room to room was complete parental bliss. They haven’t stopped talking about it for a year.

Holiday traditions are those things from which memories are made. For kids, it offers a sense of consistency and expectation and fun! Here’s some others you can try!

Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt

In my old neighborhood, we’d get about six families together the day before Easter and do a morning egg hunt for all the kids. The parents would have coffee and munchkins and maybe a mimosa or two and watch the kids run around collecting plastic eggs. Good times.

Bunny Cake

My friend Kelly makes a bunny head cake each year for her family with licorice whiskers and the whole bit. To them, it’s not Easter without the bunny cake.

Egg Cracking Tournament

My in-laws do an “Egg Cracking Tournament” where competitors pair up and knock the tips of two hard boiled Easter eggs together. The last person standing with an uncracked shell wins! Don’t kid yourself, this gets pretty competitive.

Easter Bonnets

Pinterest shared the DIY Easter Bonnets idea with me, which I love because I love crafts. What kid wouldn’t crack up seeing his family walk around with some nutball pompom and paper plate hats on?

Mexican Cascarones

Have you heard of the Mexican tradition of cascarones which are confetti-filled eggshells that you break above the head of friends and family as part of the Easter holiday celebration? Try this one outdoors unless you have a really good vacuum.

The Great Banana Hunt

Traditions don’t have to be “traditional” either. I once read of a family who did a “Great Banana Hunt”. Wait, what? Exactly. This family had a scavenger hunt for bananas on Easter. The more silly, unique and totally off-the-wall it is, the more the kids will love it.

Happy Easter!

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