Errands be gone! Checking off your To-Do List without actually to-do’ing anything.

Ding dong. Who’s there? Oh, it’s my groceries! Ding dong…excellent, the dry cleaning is here! What’s that, Mr. Mailman? Oh, my drug store items have arrived. Niiice.

The delivery industry has finally listened to our cat calls and is starting to smarten up to the fact that life has never been busier for families. These days, you can get nearly everything delivered right to your door—what a time saver! Check out the services below right here on the seacoast, that are helping us stay sane.

Grocery Delivery
What’s more fun than grocery shopping with little ones (or big ones, for that matter)? If you think going to the supermarket is right up there with a hot stick in the eye, these market services are made for you.

Peapod Grocery Delivery (a Stop & Shop service)

Had your fill of grocery aisle tantrums over Batman/Princess gummies or being forced to shop on Saturday nights?  You can order all your groceries online and they will deliver for the date and time you schedule. Next day service is available as long as you place your order before 3pm the prior day. Delivery times begin at 8:00am and go until 10:00pm. Sanity returns. Visit and punch in your zip code to see if you are lucky enough to be in their service area.

Pharmacy/Beauty Products
Drugstore or pharmaceutical shopping is super easy with these online stores, as long as you plan ahead. Stinks being stuck with no shampoo for 5-10 days, so keep on top of your stock!
This online drugstore was the first to enter the market, ahead of the “physical” drugstores and has everything you could think of for sale. In addition to the typical drugstore products, they also sell pet supplies, food items, small appliances and more. has a sale and clearance section so you’re not missing out on the deals, and also partners with and GNC. For orders of $49 or more, a 4-7 day shipping rate is free; less expensive or expedited orders have additional fees. offers products from Health & Beauty to Seasonal to Contact Lenses and everything in between. Like other online stores with a brick-and-mortar equivalent, weekly ad coupons and specials are not available online, however there are separate specials available only to online shoppers. If you purchase more than $25, most shipments are free (some exclusions apply) and shipping times vary per products (you may receive more than one shipment since products are sourced from different vendors).
Most in-store products (and some that aren’t even in-store) are available through CVS’s online store including pharmacy prescriptions. Shipping for prescriptions only is free for 5-10 day delivery and $5.49 for 5-10 day orders of general merchandise, although you may choose quicker delivery for an additional cost. Offers, products and pricing in the advertised weekly store circular ads are available at CVS/pharmacy store locations, but are not available online; however, Extra Bucks can be used online.

Dry Cleaning Services
There are many dry cleaning services in the area that offer home pick-up and delivery for no extra charge! Simply open an account with a dry cleaner near you and they’ll pick up your dry cleaning directly from your door step and deliver clean, pressed laundry at your convenience. Most services have a two or three day a week schedule (i.e. pick-ups only on Monday/Wednesday, etc.).

What will you now do with all that extra time? Once you get the hang of ordering online, you’ll never know how you ever lived without it. Gotta go, someone’s at the door…

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