Finding designer kids’ clothing on the cheap. Ca-ching!

Having kids has given me a whole new attitude when I go shopping.  I no longer focus on my fashion but instead, my children’s.  Of course, the fact that they are always growing (funny, how that happens) makes an average family of four spend hundreds of dollars on clothing every year. Here is a list of some great ways to save on your kiddos shopping and great deals to take advantage of at some of their favorite stores:

Overstocks: Websites like Lands End and L.L. Bean have overstock sections where you can save up to 65%. They often have deals on in-season merchandise, or opt for past season’s loot and save even more.

Extra Bucks: Both Gymboree and Crazy8 offer Gymbucks and Crazy Cash during specific times a year. For example, if you buy something at Gymboree for $50+, you get Gymbucks worth $25 that you can spend on a future purchase of $50 or more. Shoppers Tip: Utilize a Gymboree or Crazy 8 coupon as well and save even more!

Coupons: Major magazines intended for Moms (think Parents and Parenting) often have extra coupons for Gap, Gymboree, Crazy 8 and Children’s Place. These will help you save 20%-30% off!

Shop Off-Season: If you can gage your child’s growth, then buy off season to really get the best deals.

Clearance Racks: Check the clearance racks and check them often! You’ll find that if a customer returns merchandise from an internet purchase, the store will restock the item at a deeply discounted price.

Outlet Shop…Carefully:  You can find deals here but they aren’t necessarily the best places to get deals—do your research.  Shoppers Tip: Often times you can get coupon booklets at the outlet’s main information center, so make that your first stop!

Utilize The Internet: Sites like, and will allow you to search and retrieve great codes to maximize your savings when shopping online.

Ebay: You can take a chance and bid on items by searching by particular brand, style, size and item or you can choose to Buy It Now. Set up a PayPal account and you’re good to go. Shoppers Tip: Beware of what is truly a deal and avoid the thrill of the win, which can get you into trouble.

Thrift and Consignment Shops: Children’s consignment shops often have great prices on name brand items.  Many are very particular about the clothing and brands they accept so they are worth giving a look.  Shoppers Tip:  Leave the kids at home. These stores can be cluttered and overstocked. Go on a day that you are really looking to spend some time. 

Hand-Me-Downs: Know a friend or family member who has an older child?  Mention that you are open to acquiring their used clothing or suggest a clothing swap if they have a child who could use some of your hand-me-downs. Everyone wins!

About the author: Jessica Lane is a penny pinching mama of two living on the Seacoast.  She runs a blog, where she discusses the trials of motherhood.

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