For some reason, my kids won’t eat a sandwich. Of any kind. They like all of its components—the bread, cheese and deli meats—but wouldn’t give a perfectly constructed panini a second look. But I’m too clever for them, at least for the time being. Like a contestant on Top Chef, I send along a “deconstructed” sandwich.

At the deli, I request lunch meat and cheese sliced in a large slab, and then cut it into large cubes when I get home. Along with chunks of bread (my kids and I love plain bread, I think it’s hereditary), I will kabob the cheese and deli meat on a wooden skewer. And this part is optional, but I also cut off the sharp tip due to a purposeful unfortunate stabbing incident amongst siblings who shall remain nameless.

If your children will tolerate condiments of any kind, send along a small container of mustard or Ranch dressing (is there anything Ranch doesn’t taste good on??). Kids love stuff on a stick: marshmallows, corn dogs, candy apples, that steak from chinese food restaurants. It’s gotta work for a sandwich, right?

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