With Thanksgiving here, let’s get back to basics with recognizing all of life’s blessings. And what I mean by that is, I’m making my kids put down their iTouch and take a moment to recognize how darn good they have it. Regardless of age, it’s easy to get caught up in the chaos of the holidays so here are a few fun ways to come together as a family and reminisce, laugh, consider and love all of what makes our lives beautiful.

Gratitude Jars


Courtesy of Me

These are my family’s Gratitude Jars that we made last year– simple mason jars decorated with some ribbon. We keep them on our dinner table so that after a meal, we fill out a little card saying what makes us happy and drop it in the jar. I think it’s a fun way to remind the kids to be present and aware of all the comforts we’re able to enjoy.

Thanks Giving Trees


Courtesy of Momontimeout.com

This is a fun centerpiece and conversation piece!

Grab a pair of snips and cut down a few branches from outside that you can put in a large vase (you can even buy fake branches at a craft store). Cut up a bunch of colorful scrap paper and a spool of twine and you’re off and running. Guests and family members can fill out cards to hang on the tree.

Personal, fun and effective. Love it.

Printable “I am Thankful for…” Scavenger Hunt Lists

Courtesy of Writtenreality.com

I’m a serious sucker for scavenger hunts of any kind because 1) kids absolutely love them, 2) it keeps them busy for large chunks of time, and 3) it sparks imagination that is amazing to witness. This super cute printable scavenger hunt uses every letter of the alphabet and I’m sure what the kids come up with will be worth a family laugh or two. Or twenty six.


Fill-in-the-Blank Place Mats


Courtesy of Creativepartyideasbycheryl.com

This is soooo easy and a really cute way to multitask decorating the table. Get a roll of plain brown wrapping paper (I’ve seen these at the dollar stores) and cut place mat size pieces for each guest.

If you’re kids are at the writing age, have them write the title and a few blank lines. People can fill these out during dinner and it makes a great conversation over dessert. Easy clean-up, too.


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