I was anxious to post a great “how-to” article for making Leprechaun Traps (because, apparently, now even the St. Patty’s Day mascot brings goodies for the kids, whaaaaa?), and I quickly realized after all the Googling I did, Leprechaun Traps are just a good ‘ol happy craft-making-do-whatever-you-want type of gig.

What this translates to me is…scavenge the house for supplies and get creative without spending a dime. Awesome.

I mean, you can get all GLAM if you want (see cake below!), but I think we can make a pretty impressive trap with a shoe box, some paint and a stick.

Oh, and just a tip, if you want those gold chocolate coins, grab them now—they always seem to run out a week before March 17.

Another tip, some banks also carry gold $1 coins which actually might be more exciting for kids and won’t rot their teeth. Everyone wins.

Leprechaun Trap Ideas
Lego Traps

These two requires a box, some Legos and some imagination. Awesome!



Whatever-You-Have-Around-the-House Traps

Here’s the one I personally made last year. I’m pretty proud of it. For the exception of the glitter clovers I bought at a dollar store, I had all other supplies at home already.


Here are a few cute ones made with recyclables and toys you already own!




Edible Traps

This one’s actually a rainbow cake inside! Check out this link to see how to create the colorful layers.

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