Who doesn’t love a good April Fools’ prank?

I’m not talking about putting saran wrap over the toilet bowl. First of all, gross. And, second, out of curiosity, who’s expected the clean that up, properly, including the floor/walls/other nearby surfaces, with the right disinfectant and disposable towels. Me? No. Just, no.

Check out these family-friendly (and not super messy) April Fools’ Day pranks that are sure to get major laughs!

1. Frozen Cereal: For this one, you’ll need a bowl, milk and your child’s favorite cereal. Pour the milk and cereal into a bowl until it’s about halfway full. Then, place the bowl in the freezer overnight. In the morning, before the kids wake up, add some cereal and a little bit of fresh milk to throw them off. Watch as they attempt to put their spoons in a bowl full of rock solid cereal. Talk about hard times!

2. Snack Switch-up: This prank calls for swapping out the contents of snack bags. Cut a small hole at the bottom of a bag of your child’s favorite snack and carefully empty out the contents. Then, insert a totally different kind of snack into the empty bag until it’s full again. Seal the hole at the bottom of the bag with gift-wrapping tape, which disappears easily on snack bags.

3. Sweet Mustache: Who knew you didn’t have to be in college for this one! Use some liquid eye liner (not magic marker!) and draw a mustache on your child while they are sleeping.

4. Short-Sheeted: This is an oldie but goodie. To create an incredibly frustrating but hilarious bedtime, fold and tuck in the top sheet of a bed so that it simulates both the top and bottom sheets. When the victim of this joke enters the bed, his or her legs are obstructed by the fold. Good times. Need a visual? Check out these instructions.

5. Somebody’s Watching: Buy an envelope of those sticky-backed googly eyes and put them on things all over the house—on all the tall containers in the fridge, on decorative busts or animals, in the shower, on the bathroom mirror, on leaves of house plants, on the contents of their lunch box—you get the drift.

6. Fun with Food Coloring: In the bottom of a bowl, put a few drops of food coloring and then half-fill the bowl with your child’s favorite cereal. When they arrive for breakfast, have them pour the milk into the cereal bowls and viola, the milk pours green (or blue, or pink, or whatever color you use!)

7. Happy Birthday!: Act like it’s your child’s birthday. Hang up a Happy Birthday banner and balloons, put candles in their pancakes, wrap up fake presents. Completely insist that it’s their birthday.

8. Li’l Lunch: Pack your school-age children’s lunch with an array toddler food complete with a sippy cup. Be sure to include a loving note because “he’s such a big boy now!”

9. Juiceless Juice: I just love this one. Pour red food coloring into a glass of water and tell them it’s fruit punch.

10. Bumpy Pillow: And just when they thought all the pranks were over, here’s a final trick for bedtime! Replace your child’s bed pillow with a bunch of half-inflated balloons stuffed inside the pillow case.

Also, Happy Easter! No seriously, it’s Easter.