Hey Family: Win Mother’s Day this year with these gift ideas.

I love Mother’s Day. I also love Father’s Day. And birthdays, and anniversaries and Valentine’s Day. I love these events because they are celebrating someone you care about and it gives us an opportunity to show that person how much they mean to us. Who wouldn’t want to make that someone special feel loved, appreciated and valued for who they are and all they do?

That being said, let’s get focused because Mother’s Day is coming up. Soon. Disclaimer: Before I get tarred and feathered here, I want to say that I adore the homemade cards and crafts from my kids, I cherish the snuggle coupons and I can’t do without the too-cute-to-handle breakfast-in-beds. Those things are memorable and fantastic, so kids, keep ‘em coming. But being spoiled is also fun so let’s drop the martyrdom and get to what we’d really appreciate.

Junk this Junk Mobile

The gift I long for the most is the same gift I long for every single year. Two words: Car. Detail. If you looked between the crevices of my backseats, oh Lordy. It’s not good. There’s nothing I’d love more than to get into my car and see that the crushed up Cheez-its, sticky candy wrappers and dog slobber is gone. Armor All is the way this mom’s heart. You can bring the car into a local shop or there are some companies that will even come to your house. Heaven.

I’m Cooking, But not for You

My friend Cami is a whiz in the kitchen so last year for Mother’s Day, she received a cooking class at Stonewall Kitchen in York. I’ve done these before and they are really fun. There are a few others in the area that offer classes including Black Tie Company in Portland and Maine Adult Education. You always learn something new, whether it be a technique, a recipe or how to use a new ingredient. You also get to eat at the end. What’s better than that?

These Aisles are my Happy Place

Here’s another one of my favorites, and guys, don’t underestimate the desire of this one. Shopping. Alone. When’s the last time mom was able to putter around in her favorite store (Target) for a few hours of undisturbed retail therapy? Get her a gift certificate to (anywhere) and tell her not to come back until she’s sporting a new outfit, rocking a new mom purse or purchased more organizational bins for the toy room (you know who you are). Oh, and dads, don’t forget to clean the house while she’s gone.

Take me Away. Far Away.

My sister’s Mother’s Day tradition is to head up to the Common Man Inn in Plymouth for a family weekend away. The themed suites (the “camping” room is her favorite) are a blast for the kids and there are many fun outdoor activities to do close by like The Flume and the Polar Caves. There’s also a spa inside the hotel, just saying.

Ladies Brunch. Or Lunch. Or Dinner.

I’ve heard of some great Mother’s Day gifts over the years, but this one is both impressive (from an organizational standpoint) and super thoughtful. All the husbands of a group of women made a reservation at a local restaurant for the wives to enjoy a delicious meal and afternoon cocktails with their girlfriends. The husbands served as chauffeur to and from the restaurant, took care of the kids and the bill. That is just so awesome.

However you choose to spoil that special lady in your life, be sure to include a hug and a thank you. Most of all, moms just want to know they’re loved and appreciated. PS. Happy Mother’s Day to my mom, Denise, who has shown me more love, support and generosity than any daughter deserves. I love you mom.

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