How to cure a bad day. Tips for keeping your head on straight.

Maybe it’s the incessant freezing temps or the fact that my house seems to clutter just by looking at it, but I’ve been hard-pressed to maintain my usually positive attitude lately when dealing with small annoyances (alarm failures, kitchen accidents and tediously slow-moving lines at the post office.) So I was happy to find Lifehacker’s article, “How to Beat a Bad Day.” Their tips are a great reminder for anyone who’s spilled their coffee, missed the bus or got pooped on by a bird. Like they say, don’t sweat the small stuff.

Stop Calling It a Bad Day: Lifehacker’s Adam Dachis calls those unlucky morning events that kick off a bad day “false starts.” He encourages us to stop and realize that, well, the universe isn’t all about us. The fact that we spilled our coffee isn’t a sign that the stars are in alignment against us: it’s just a sign that we spilled our coffee. Get over it, and stop thinking that you’re doomed to a day of continuing bad luck.

Be Aware: Dachis points out that when you’re angry and emotional, it’s easy to blow small annoyances out of proportion. It’s difficult to look at the big picture when you trip and fall on the sidewalk for the world to see, but next week, you’ll hardly remember the short-term embarrassment that feels like the catastrophe of the century today.

Time Travel: No, Lifehacker doesn’t hold the secret to skipping the rest of this day and starting over again tomorrow, but it does help you put things in perspective. While you’re cleaning fruit juice out of the carpet or updating your Facebook status to tell friends your car is stuck in a snow bank, think into the future and remember that in a week, your frustration will likely be a funny story that you laugh about.

Save Your Energy For Real Bad Days: Dachis acknowledges that sometimes, we really do have bad days, and when seriously bad news does come your way, you’ll need the energy and mental strength to deal with it. Save it for when it really counts.

What are your sanity saving tricks? Share your ideas with us and help other parents avoid the bedlam of a bad day! 

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