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New Hampshire Ice Castle are open for tours daily. We suggest visiting at night, when multicolored lights embedded in the ice will transform the castle into a glowing, otherworldly spectacle!

How are they built?
They start by “growing” more than 5,000 icicles each day that they harvest and sculpt together. Newly placed icicles are then drenched in freezing water. The blend of icicle placement, changing temperatures, water volume, and wind result in an astonishing variety of ice formations. And so all of the beauty you see at the ice castle is a unique blend of an artistic eye and mother nature’s work.

The process is repeated once or twice a day, depending on temperatures. and after about a few weeks of growth they can create very large towers, tunnels, archways, caves, caverns, and safe pathways for pedestrian exploration. Continued development of the structures throughout the winter results in an evolving ice masterpiece. Odds are, that if you come to visit one of the ice castles more than once, you’ll have two very different experiences.

New Hampshire Ice Castles Open through February vacation 

  • Tuesday – Thursday: 4pm – 9pm
  • Friday: 4pm – 10:30pm
  • Saturday: 12pm – 10:30pm
  • Sunday and Monday: Closed unless its a holiday


  • Online- General Admission (12+): $16.95 Child (4-11): $11.95
  • Walkup (Standby)-based on availability


  • Online- General Admission (12+): $20.95 Child (4-11): $15.95
  • Walkup (Standby)- based on availability
  • *Holiday pricing is the same as weekend pricing

Ice Castles New Hampshire
24 Clark Farm Road
North Woodstock, NH 03262


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