What do kids love more than dress-up? Dressing up in your clothes. Specifically making a mess of your closet and throwing your heirloom jewelry over their wrists and heads (and why do they do this immediately after you just organized everything, grrr!).

Here’s the easy way out…you know that bag of old clothes and shoes that every single person on the planet has in the trunk of their car that’s “on its way to the donation bin”? Drag it out and then go gather up a handful of those bracelets and long necklaces that you haven’t worn in years and let the kids set up a “boutique”.

Activity #1: Setting up “the store”. Activity #2: Trying on outfit after outfit like Whitney Houston in The Bodyguard. We’re thinking this is at least enough time to drink a cup of coffee and get half way through that fresh new Marie Claire/Real Simple/Time Magazine you just received. Now that’s prêt-à-porter!

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