Holidays are ripe with exciting and fun traditions, but we don’t need to wait for an entire year to enjoy them! Remember that bag of plastic Easter eggs you have stuffed away in the back of your closet? Drag ‘em out and get those kids on an egg hunt! What should you fill them with? Whatever is around! Check out our suggestions below for a fun indoor activity. No Easter Bunny required.

• Is it snack time? Fill the eggs with crackers or grapes and make them work up an appetite.
• Sneak in some education! Fill them with slips of paper with letters and have them find the entire alphabet.
• Grab a handful of change from your overflowing coin jar. Have your kids sort and count their findings.
• Tear out an advertisement from a magazine and cut into pieces. Once all the eggs are found, have them put the “puzzle” back together.
• Go traditional and fill those eggs with sweet treats like chocolate chips or gummi snacks.

Do you have some other ideas to add to our list? Use the comment box below to send them along. Parents are thanking you already!

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