Annual & perennial flowers we grow number in the thousands. Come pick for an event, come with friends for a relaxing getaway or come as a group outing. Pick your own flowers start mid-June through mid-October. (Mother nature dictates the beginning and end).

Berry Picking
We sell organic strawberries and also offer pick-your-own organic strawberries. Visit our website mid to late June for an update of the picking schedule or contact us. We grow a delicious variety called Seascapes which is a day neutral strawberry. These unique types produce sweet berries from July through October! We usually have an early flood of strawberries first of June also.

We sell organic highbush blueberries and  also offer pick-your-own organic blueberries. Picking blueberries can range from July thru August so call us for an update.

Little River Flower Farm
160 Turkey Lane
Buxton, ME 04093
(207) 929-3967
Call for farm hours.

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