Looking for something to celebrate? Running out of crafts ideas (or yet to try one) at this point? These cute, kid friendly baskets may be just the thing to bring a little joy to you, your kiddo and the recipient. I have a friend, Ethel, whom I love for many reasons. One of which is her no nonsense approach to nearly everything; so I knew when she shared these pictures and said they made these, it was going to be good!

Below is a step by step picture directions to make the baskets. Anyone else singing “It’s gonna be May” JT style today? Just me? Couldn’t be!

May Day (or any day) Baskets:

Construction Paper
Anything you want to put in basket. Pictured is a flower and a note.



PS- Just saying if you try this… you can brag you did a STEAM project today. Boom shakalaka.

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