Hampton Beach Playground is awesome. Enjoy it before the tourists arrive!

It’s sunny. It’s warm. It’s quiet. You can park right up front for free. Boo-yah! It’s Hampton Beach—pre-summer! But did you know Hampton Beach isn’t just a strip of t-shirt stores? The beach has a lot to offer including one of the best playgrounds around (factoring in safety, facilities and location) AND the beach-side boardwalk is all re-done with a super nice Chamber office and spiffy bathroom facilities (currently the one near the Visitor’s Center is open).

Hampton Beach has a very large and completely enclosed playground right on the beach. There is only one entrance/exit which keeps kids safely inside. The playground boasts swings, slides, jungle gyms, a rock climbing wall— it even has an old school roundabout!

The inside of the playground is all sand, natch, and overlooks the beautiful Atlantic Ocean. And since it’s only early summertime, this means a “low-tourist-count”. The beach is open enough for the kids to run around and play wiffle ball or Frisbee without worrying about kicking up sand onto someone’s towel. Parking is plentiful and still free! And the best part, the fried dough vendors are already open– score! Get out there and enjoy it before the crowds descend!

jungle_gym climbing_wall

Kids_playing beach

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