My kids love getting pumpkins– it means the countdown is on to Halloween! The only problem is that they want to get the pumpkins the second they show up in the stores (mid-September) and then immediately carve them. Which inevitably leaves our doorstep with a pile of stinky mush come mid-October. This year, we’re going to get all crafty up in this hood and have found ways to decorate without busting out the knives.

Here are just a few options for the no-carve route that I thought were 1) easy, and 2) inexpensive. Of course, if you want to get a little crazy, Google “no carve pumpkins” and the interwebs will pull up all kinds of really clever ideas.

Here are some cute ideas I found…

#1 Spray Paint

With a can of spray paint, the world is your oyster!

spray_paint_pumpkins candy_corn_pumpkin

#2 String

Here’s a great one for the little kids. Insert some metal pegs, give kids the string and away they go.

string_art_pumpkin spider_web_pumpkin

#3 Stencils

You can use a homemade stencil and just trace on the pumpkin, then paint OR do this same idea with the tissue paper technique.

nocarvepumpkin3  nocarvepumpkin2

#4 Mr. Potato Head & Props

This idea is even easier because you can grab kids’ toys or props you already have laying around your house. Use black card stock paper for the mustaches and eyebrows and a black sharpie for the mouth.

nocarvepumpkin1  Potato-Head-Pumpkins

#5 Paint

Everything looks new and exciting with a fresh coat of paint, right?

painted_pumpkins pumpkin_thumbtacks

#6 Craft Supplies

Grab some gauze, googly eyes and thumbtacks and you’re on your way!

no-carve-mummy-pumpkin All You Magazine / Halloween crafts

#7 Buttons and Stick-ons

Glue on some buttons or sparkles!

Button_Pumpkin pumpkin-sparkly3


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