I know you’re all going to groan and roll your eyes when I share a tip to do now that will make your holiday season easier. Gasp. I heard it from way over here. But stay with me…

This time of year we are grabbing school supplies faster than kids scooping up Easter eggs. For years (Seriously, I was a teacher for 10 years before having my kids), I would scoop up extra supplies this time of year because the prices are so low. Then I would have them on hand in the winter when all the crayons are broken and their supplies have run out.

Now as a mom, I see those sales and scoop up extra markers, crayons, colored pencils at these amazing prices and squirrel them away like acorns for the holidays. I was at Staples solo this past week and Crayola crayons are $.50 a box for the first 30 boxes! Yup, I snagged what I needed to cover classroom supplies AND stocking stuffers for under $5. Two birds one swipe….you get the idea here. Then you know those Crayola WASHABLE markers that are $5 a pop these days? They are multiple dollars off so I picked up extra of those and other art supplies and my art supply holiday present is completed months in advance and for a fraction of the price.

One cart, multiple events covered. Saving you time and money. Good Luck! May the supplies be with you.

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