Toothless! Ideas for Tooth Fairy visits that make kids smile.

There’s an epidemic on Facebook right now. People are losing their teeth left and right. I mean, the people are like five and six year olds, but it’s starting to look like a jack-o-lantern farm on Halloween up in here.

Many parents of these toothless offspring are unsure how to proceed and have all kinds of questions about what teeth are worth these days. Can you sneak a dollar under their pillow and call it a day? Absolutely. But if you want to do something just a little special (particularly for the first lost tooth), here are some really fun options.

Money, Money, Money

According to my research (Facebook), the going rate for a lost tooth is between $2-$5 for the first tooth (get outta here you $20 people, just, come on) and about $1-$2 for every tooth thereafter. There are several ways you can pay up including a crisp new $1 bill, a US Silver Dollar, US Gold Dollar or a collection of loose change of another currency (I like this idea because the coins become a conversation piece and part of a new found collection)—all of which you can get from your local bank.

Also, if you purchase a whole bunch of the coins at once and keep them stashed somewhere at home, you’ll never be caught without any cash when a late night tooth loss happens.

Dental Care Goodies

The Tooth Fairy’s main concern is your teeth! So those concerned with impeccable dental hygiene may choose to deliver a new toothbrush (looove those electric ones they can decorate with stickers) and some kid-friendly toothpaste.

Make It Official

There are tons of Tooth Fairy Kits on the market, but I love the formality and quality of the “Official Tooth Fairy Kit” ( It’s definitely a memory maker. Included are certificates, a tiny envelope that is attached to the certificate and an official chart of teeth so that you can color in/cross off which tooth was lost. So cute! The kit sells for $16 and comes with a nice bag for the certificate. These are great to keep in the baby books, too.

Printable Fairy Correspondence

The internet is chock full of fun free printables including note cards, letters and certificates straight from the Tooth Fairy. A couple of my favorites include the printable note and envelope combo from and the printable certificates from

Now, I didn’t include toys on this. My children’s classmates have received everything from Shopkins to Lego sets for a lost tooth, which makes the kids who receive money or coins or anything that’s not a toy, feel jipped and parents feeling guilty. Know your role, Tooth Fairy. We can’t all be Santa.

Just a personal tip here—we never did the “under the pillow” thing at my house. I knew that I was way too clumsy in the dark to pull off those ninja moves. Everything is retrieved and received from the bedside table. Waaay easier.

Stay tuned for my next article titled, “When the Tooth Fairy Forgets to Come” which helps you talk to your children about topics like “wine” and “falling asleep on the couch”.

Parents, help us out with other ideas! What are your Tooth Fairy rituals? And what’s the going rate for a tooth these days?

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  1. Patty

    Love all these ideas. We’ve also sprinkled a tiny amount of glidder (pixty dust) . I agree $5 for first tooth n for other teeth we do a $2 bill.

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