Time capsule your spring break! DIY “Vacation in a Jar” momentos are so cute!

I really cherish vacations. Who doesn’t? And after you spend all that money, you want to keep the memories alive and have an opportunity to reminisce. We’re loving these ideas for vacation keepsakes!

Vacation in a Jar

Keep the memories alive by packaging up souvenirs from your vacation and turn them into memory-filled mason jars. All you need is a quart-size clear canning jar, and mementos from a recent trip (e.g. a wine cork, a hotel key card, sand, shells) or event. Add a label to mark the contents (like, Hawaii 2012), and place on a shelf or at your desk — anywhere you can see it, and reminisce!

MSL61XI16    vacation_jar

Sand Collections

For the last 15 years or so, I’ve been collecting a sample of sand and other items found on the beaches of my travels. I put them in a small spice jar and display them on a shelf in my kitchen. Now, every time I’m doing dishes, I just stare into the sand jars and remember days gone by lounging in the warm sun. (This photo is my actual personal collection!)


Coasters and Magnets

Turn your vacation memories into something practical. These map images (or I’d use favorite vacation photos) can be used to make drink coasters and these DIY thumbtacks or magnets are really cute. Follow the links for how-to instructions.

map_coasters    thumbtack_magnets_vacation

Keepsake Frames

I like to get some cool burlap fabric and those cute pins with the pearls on the end and make my memory frames look special.

vacation_momento_frame1    vacation_momento_frames

How do you keep your vacation memories alive? Share with us!



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