9 Best “Mom” apps. Being this smart/organized/fashionable is natural, dontcha know.

I’ve had an iPhone for some time now, but have never invested too much time finding apps–come to find out, I was missing out on quite a bit– and not junk, useful stuff! Check out these recommendations for our favorite apps for moms.

(Editor’s Note: We received some great feedback from our readers on some of these apps–including how the Martha Stewart one is terrible so we’ve removed it from the list. If you have a favorite app that you love, let us know and we’ll add it to our list!)

Cozi Family Organizer
Cozi has everything a busy mom needs to keep her family on track, including appointment reminders and a calendar that can be color-coded for each family member. You can assign everyone in the house a to-do list and send it out over email or text, and create a shopping list organized by aisle or category. A family journal allows you to record treasured memories through photos and blog-style posts, and then share them by email or through a personalized website. (Free; iPhone, iPad, Android; cozi.com)
Download Cozy Family Organizer from iTunes

Mint.com Personal Finance

Who isn’t on a budget these days? Getting your finances in check is a snap when you sync all of your info (checking, savings, investments, credit cards, loans, etc.) to get a clear financial snapshot. You can add transactions while running errands instead of waiting until they get home (no more rummaging for receipts in your wallet!). The app keeps a detailed account of what you spent money on each month, complete with graphs and charts, and send alerts if you go over budget. (Free; iPhone, iPad, Android; mint.com)
Download Mint.com Personal Finance from iTunes

You may not have the time or inclination right now to get into your artsy mode much, but you still love elevating the ordinary. Hipstamatic satisfies your inner photog by throwing a retro, analog feel on top your iPhone pics, giving you unique, unexpected results. The app keeps it new-school easy by allowing you to change out lenses, film and flash settings with just a touch of your finger.
Download Hipstamatic from iTunes > >


My Fitness Pal
So many moms have given this app props for helping them lose weight (and keep it off) by maintaining a detailed account of what and how much they eat. Some studies even show that keeping a food journal can double your weight loss — making this app the perfect pal for those still trying to lose baby weight! You can set a daily calorie goal and then record your daily food intake through its calorie counter, which has over one million foods in its database. You can also log your workouts and set exercise goals. The app links to the My Fitness Pal main site, which offers a BMI calculator. (Free; iPhone, iPad, Android; myfitnesspal.com)
Download My Fitness Pal from iTunes

If you’re with child, this is WAY better than the awful What to Expect When You’re Expecting and has much cuter pictures. Written by a practicing OB/GYN, iPregnancy helps you keep track of all your little squiglet’s milestones–estimated due date, gestational age, and weekly schematics of baby’s development. You can also track your moods, OB visits and weight gain; get tips for you and your partner; share on Twitter and Facebook, and much more. The Baby Name Picker functionality is particularly fun. ($3.99, iPad, iPhone)
Download iPregnancy from iTunes >>

Silent Bodyguard
Silent Bodyguard is the type of app that you never want to need, but just knowing it’s on your iPhone provides peace of mind. With Silent Bodyguard you can send out an alert from your phone if you ever find yourself in trouble. The app’s main page looks like a photo which is meant to hide the fact that this is an alarm app. You’ll need to spend some time selecting emergency contacts, people you’d want notified if you were ever in danger, and entering their contact information. Next I’d suggest moving the app to your iPhone’s home screen so it’s easy to access. Should you ever need to use the alarm, you’d simply open up the app and then tap on the button that activates the alarm. After you’ve done that, a text and email message with your name and location will be sent to your emergency contacts every 60 seconds. No one nearby will be aware you’ve sounded an alarm, but your friends and family will know something is wrong. And thanks to your phone, they’ll know exactly where you are. ($1.99)
Download Silent Bodyguard from iTunes >>


Better Gift List
This year, my best friend gave me a wireless battery jumper for my car (my battery is always going dead on me if my kids don’t close the doors or leave on interior lights). When I asked her how she knew I needed this, she said “I wrote it down last August when you mentioned it”. With this app, we can ALL be the PERFECT gift givers! Better Gift List keeps shopping for special occasions on budget, on time, and on target. No more over spending, missed events, or forgotten gifts! Booyah. ($1.99)
Download Better Gift List from iTunes >>

Words With Friends
This is the perfect time waster when you’re waiting to pick the kids up or have a few minutes alone to spare in the car. Words with Friends is like Scrabble, but it can be played against anyone who also has the app and appears on your friends list. The way the game works, you play a word and then your friend receives a push notification that it’s his or her turn. Then when he or she plays a word, you receive a notification. Games go back and forth like this and can take an eternity to finish if you’re only taking one turn a day, but the fun part is playing against someone you know. (.99)
Download Words With Friends from iTunes >>

What’s your favorite app?


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