6 Silly and Safe Ways to “Say See You Later 2020! Let’s Ring in 2021!”

If staring at the same beautiful faces is becoming a bit predictable and you’re wondering how to make New Year’s Eve fun…we’ve got you covered. Staying in with the family can be fun if you just get creative!

Check out our recommendations below for ushering in the new year with family fun, traditions and activities.

Create a Time Capsule

What a difference a year makes, especially when you have young ones! As a family, create a time capsule box to open next New Year’s Eve (and so on, and so on) and fill it with (pandemic) pictures from throughout the year, personal predictions for the upcoming year or write notes to document fun facts like favorite foods, must-have toys, best friends and current height. You think you don’t want to remember this year…but you may look back on it in astonishment for all you endured.

Try Something New

Like, totally new. Appetizer or Dessert cook off. Or baskets with secret funny ingredients. Have a great laugh mixing pretzels, chocolate, and hard boiled eggs together. Appoint someone the role of judge if you want to be really creative or competitive. You may have a new tradition in the making.

Group Goals

I don’t like using the phrase “New Year’s Resolutions” because you can bet your noisemaker I’ll give it up before the week is out. Instead, have each member of the family create a list of attainable goals and keep it posted somewhere in the house. This serves as a friendly reminder of those activities that are important to you and gives you a subtle push to keep moving forward.

Some ideas might include: books to read, charity donations, academic goals, family health goals, places to visit or activities/restaurants to try out. When anyone has accomplished something on their list, make a big to-do out of crossing it off. Aren’t we productive now!

Have a Virtual Party!

Who says you have to be 21 to enjoy a party on New Year’s Eve? Don your best glittery get-up and invite other friends on to your virtual platform of choice and countdown together. Don’t be bound by midnight countdown only. Pick any hour on the hour and countdown to it. Here is one on Netflix you can use.  Happy New Year any time you want.

Of course, you can watch the ball drop and television and see fireworks and celebrations from midnight in other parts of the world!

Order Dinner In

Not original whatsoever, but having nothing to prepare or clean-up just doesn’t get old, you know what I’m sayin’? If you’re ordering take-out, make sure you get your order in early enough because pretty much everyone else on the planet has the same idea and wait times can be unusually long.

Pajama and Movie

Since most of the world is staying in, join in the largest pj party and snuggle up with loved ones and stuffies and watch a movie marathon. You can binge on Harry Potter or make your own category or family favorites so you aren’t watching Paw Patrol for 11 hours straight (we got your back). Don’t forget the popcorn!


Staying in this New Year’s Eve? Share your plans with other families and inspire celebrations everywhere!

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