Lace up! Maine (and beyond) Outdoor Ice Skating Rinks Directory!

Nothing says winter like ice skating outdoors….ah the childhood memories. So fun! Maine is pretty lucky to have quite a few and we’ve included a full list of outdoor skating rinks in New Hampshire and Massachusetts, just in case you happen to be taking a road trip and find yourself near one.

FYI: Only outdoor rinks, not small, private ponds, are listed here because 1) Those who know about the small ponds like to keep them a secret, and 2) I’m terrified of anyone falling through some ice. Safety first, people.

NOTE: Always call ahead before traveling to a rink. Weather is a big factor of open/close times and ice conditions.

Outdoor Ice Skating in Maine

Outdoor Ice Skating in New Hampshire

Outdoor Ice Skating in Massachusetts

Did we miss any? Leave a comment and help us grow our outdoor ice skating directory!

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