Need to get your kids off those gaming apps? They’ll be more amenable to put that iPhone down when cupcakes are on the docket, and ones they recognize, to boot! Check out this adorbs recipe for some non-technical after school fun.

You will need:
-Your favorite cupcake recipe (any flavor)
-White frosting
-Kitchen scissors
-Food coloring (red, yellow, green, blue)
-Sanding sugar (red, yellow, green, blue)
-Black licorice
-Marshmallows (regular and miniature)
-Gumdrops (assorted colors)

Bake and cool cupcakes accordingly. In small individual bowls, mix the respective food colors with the frosting. Frost and sand each cupcake with the corresponding color.

For the Naughty Pigs:
Place a mini marshmallow for each eye and snip a small piece of licorice and affix with a drop of frosting for the eye center. Snip two long, thin strips for the eyebrows, placing at a diagonal. Snip a gumdrop at each side to make a triangle for the beak.

For the Angry Birds:
Frost and sand a green cupcake. Cut a large marshmallow in half and frost. Place in center for nose. Snip two small licorice dots and place on nose for nostrils. Make eyes same as birds, but place farther apart. Cut a green gumdrop in half for ears, place in frosting.

This recipe was provided by my friend Shaun who’s the most amazing mother, cook, hostess, entertainer and friend. Thanks for all your creative input Shaun!

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