Awesome Craft Toy Alert: Foam Dough is Super (Clean!) Fun

Have you seen this stuff? It blows play dough and that awful invention, Moon Sand, right out of the water. This foam dough (also called “play foam”) is made up of those tiny foam balls (like the kind that are in bean bags), but holds together like molding clay. It does not make a mess. It is not sticky. It does not dry out. It’s pretty much magic.

We’ve seen foam dough sold at local stores, but they come in tiny packages—not enough to have some real fun. Check out Discount School Supply where you can buy large quantities (on sale now for $17.99). There are many other websites and stores that sell foam dough, but this site in particular was recommended to me by a local teacher for good prices. Note: be sure to check the quantity you are buying—some pictures make it look like you’re buying a big package when you’re really not.

The kids love this stuff. Parents can have a pretty good time with it, too. Dinosaur sculpture, anyone?


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