Candy Rationing 101. How to successfully limit without (much) grief.

Worried about how to keep your kids from eating their body weight in candy on Easter? See our tips for stretching out the holiday treats and keeping that sugar rush (and crash) at bay.

The Big Guy

How to deal with the giant chocolate bunny? Avoid your child devouring all that chocolate in one sitting by allowing them to choose which “body part” to eat. You can break off the ears, arm, leg, etc. so your little ones can enjoy some now and save some for later.

Daily Easter Baskets

Grab one of those smaller, extra Easter baskets (as mentioned in this article) and allow your kids to fill it by choosing 3-4 pieces of candy to consume that day. The next day, they can choose another 3-4 pieces from the original Big Daddy Easter basket until it’s finally gone.

Three Eggs A Day Keeps The Dentist Away

Give the kids a daily limit of three plastic eggs each and ask them to fill them with as many goodies as they can. Once they eat the candy in the eggs, they need to wait until the following day for another three eggs.

Charitable Contributions

It’s never too early to teach kids about sharing their good fortune with others. Ask your child to donate a portion of their candy to a local organization that send weekly care packages to our troops overseas. All candy should be wrapped and in its original packaging. Don’t worry if it’s a small donation, every little bit helps! Bring the kids with you to the following drop off locations for a special lesson in community service, and plain ol’ good will!

Happy Easter everyone!

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