Vacation week fun! “Space Park 360 Infinity” at the Southworth Planetarium 4/17-4/21!


You have NEVER seen a planetarium show like this one!

Space Park 360 Infinity is the fastest, most exhilarating, nerve-fraying, dizzyingly terrifying experience that you will ever experience in our star dome theatre!

Space Park 360 Infinity is a full dome theme park ride that whips you along roller coaster rides around the Sun, through Saturn’s rings, around Earth and even on a distant exo-planet!

Upcoming Showtimes
  • Monday, April 17, 2017; 2:00pm & 4:00pm
  • Tuesday, April 18, 2017; 2:00pm & 4:00pm
  • Wednesday, April 19, 2017; 2:00pm & 4:00pm
  • Thursday, April 20, 2017; 2:00pm & 4:00pm
  • Friday, April 21, 2017; 2:00pm & 4:00pm

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Matinees (1:00 p.m. M+W; 3:00 Sat and Sun)
$5.50 – adults
$5.00 – children, students and senior
Evening astronomy shows (7:00pm and 8:30pm Fridays)
$6.50 – adults
$6.00 – children, students and seniors

Extrasolar Planets: Discovering New Worlds
Southworth Planetarium
70 Falmouth Street, Portland ME 800-800-4USM

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