Dear Dads: Gifts we (really) want for Mother’s Day.

Hey Dads, wondering what to get Mom for her big day (which is Sunday, May 12!)? Shelve the “I-think-she-mentioned-wanting-a-new-saucepan” idea and get a clue from our no-fail gift ideas below. You can thank us later.

Clean Out Her Car. Ok, not you personally, there are services (“professionals”) for this sort of thing. What mom wouldn’t love having the Cheez-It crumbs removed from between the seats or the lollipop sticks and wrappers unstuck from the floor rugs? Local company Dr. Detail, will even come to your house and clean out your whip right in your own driveway for only $109. Done!

Send Her To School. Your Mom was thoughtful enough to send you through years of school, now it’s time to repay the favor. Enroll her in a class that she’d enjoy. Stonewall Kitchen offers classes for beginners to budding chefs. Not into cooking? Try an art, dance or yoga class!

Shopping. Alone. When’s the last time mom was able to putter around in her favorite store for a few hours of undisturbed retail therapy? Get her a gift certificate to (anywhere) and tell her not to come back until she’s sporting a new outfit, rocking some summer slingbacks or purchased more organizational bins for the toy room (can I get a “high five” from the other OCD mothers like me who’d looove this?). Oh, and don’t forget to clean the house while she’s gone.

Spa Day. Enough said.

Ladies’ Luncheon. Hey husbands, get together and organize a Mother’s Day lunch for mom and all her BFFs. Choose a fun restaurant for the ladies to gather (you can chauffeur) so they can spend a few hours catching up and enjoying some delicious food and drink. Cheers!

Flowers, Again and Again and Again. Give the gift that, literally, keeps on giving. offers 6 months of beautiful flowers and plants for the recipient of your choice. Starting in June, she’ll receivea beautiful potted gardenia! Other selections include tulips, money trees and (gasp!) a purple orchid.

Pack Your Bags. Take the family on a mini-getaway for some serious QT. You can be in Boston in an hour, the mountains in two. Oh, and dads, please help with the packing. This is supposed to be relaxing for mom, don’t forget.

The Theatre, Dahling. Grab a show in Boston (visit to find out what’s coming soon) or support the local talent by checking out one of the upcoming plays at the Seacoast Repertory Theater in Portsmouth. The Full Monty and Chicago are playing this summer.

Whatever you decide, don’t forget to also let her know how much she’s appreciated for all she does. Moms gobble up the gushy stuff!

About the author: Jessica Lane is a penny pinching mama of two living on the Seacoast.  She runs a blog, where she discusses the trials of motherhood.

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