Random vacuum cleaner attachments? Let it go! 50 things to chuck when Spring Cleaning.

It’s Spring Cleaning time and you’ve definitely got some stuff that should get sprung! When you’re finished, you won’t believe how much lighter you (and your home) will seem.

See our list below and consider donating those items that may be useful to others.

  1. Spare contact lens cases
  2. Broken costume jewelry
  3. Dictionaries
  4. Wrinkled wrapping paper and crushed bows
  5. Latex paint (if it’s more than a year old)
  6. A bread machine (rice maker, sno-cone machine, et al)
  7. DVD exercise videos (you know you’re never going to use those again)
  8. Manuals for appliances and electronics (they’re all available online)
  9. Cookbooks you’ve cracked open once
  10. Random vacuum cleaner attachments
  11. Old remote controls you don’t recognize
  12. Scrunchies that have lost their scrunch (wait, people still have these?)
  13. Incomplete decks of playing cards (also see: games with lost pieces)
  14. Bridesmaid dresses (go to operationprom.org for info on how to donate)
  15. Take out menus (everything’s online!)
  16. Picture frames with broken easel backs
  17. Road maps (there’s a GPS on your phone)
  18. Old sets of sheets, pillow cases or extra (but flat) pillows
  19. Unidentifiable keys
  20. Almost empty bottles of bubbles
  21. In-line skates
  22. Contents of goodie bags from kids’ parties
  23. Impossible puzzles no one has ever finished
  24. Free gifts from cosmetic purchases
  25. Orphan mittens, socks, slippers
  26. Travel guidebooks
  27. Chargers for old electronics
  28. Wire hangers from the dry cleaner
  29. Dusty potpourri
  30. Chopsticks and soy sauce packets
  31. Your “fat” clothes
  32. Carpet remnants
  33. Filled coloring books
  34. Stretched-out bras
  35. Scratched non-stick pans
  36. Anything with an antenna
  37. Prescription eyeglasses that are no longer your prescription
  38. Umbrellas with bent or broken spokes
  39. Allen wrenches from DIY furniture
  40. Checkbook registers
  41. Unused hair styling tools (crimper, anyone?)
  42. Musical instruments no one plays anymore (go to mhopus.org for info on how to donate)
  43. Business cards
  44. Smelly towels
  45. Fishbowls
  46. Fancy loose teas you received as a hostess gift
  47. The Yellow Pages
  48. Sports uniforms the kids have outgrown
  49. Vases that came with delivered flowers
  50. Commemorative spoons and plates

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