No “brain” required for this super simple scarecrow Halloween craft! Get ready for the fall holidays with this adorable pot sticker that’s great for all ages. Best of all, you’ll likely have all of the ingredients already kicking around the house somewhere. Feel free to use alternative items if you’re out of something. The wackier, the better! Happy Halloween!

You’ll need:

• Paper lunch bag
• Newspaper
• Approx. 20-inch stick from the backyard
• Fall leaves
• Ribbon
• Wiggle eyes (or buttons)
• Felt (cut into a triangle)
• Magic marker
• Colored construction paper
• Elmer’s glue
• Paintbrush
• Spanish moss (found at craft & floral supply shops) OR we used Easter egg basket grass, why not.


  1. Open the paper lunch bag and stuff the inside with newspaper. Carefully place the stick inside the bag (behind the stuffing). Cut ribbon to desired length. Gather the opening of the bag around the stick, and tie the ribbon around both.
  2. Glue on the wiggle eyes and felt nose. Draw in the eyebrows and smile with a magic marker.
  3. For the hat, cut out any size or shape you like. Glue on the hat to the left corner of the scarecrow’s head. Then glue on a leaf or leaves for a colorful embellishment.
  4. Brush glue over the flat top of the lunch bag. Press and hold the Spanish moss (or “hair” alternative) on the glued section for a few seconds to make sure it sticks (you may have to reapply glue in a few places to get the moss to hold).
  5. Stick your finished scarecrow in a large potted plant or even in the front yard (keep an eye out for rain!).

This craft was found at CutePotato.

Do you have a fun fall craft that you’d like to share? Inspire other families with your ideas!

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