My ever-inventive mother spied this super-cute, edible Halloween craft from a family magazine and had it all ready for the grandkids’ visit last Friday night. It was SO fun and SO cute!

Below are the instructions from the FamilyFun magazine (See the video to watch how it’s made!). I’ve added my experienced commentary in parenthesis below)

You will need:

  • sliced almonds
  • black string licorice (We used those Twizzlers that you can pull apart like string cheese.)
  • chocolate- covered sunflower seeds (We used tic-tacs because where in the world do you find chocolate covered sunflower seeds??)
  • chocolate frosting
  • pink candy pearls (My mom found these in the baker’s section, but you could use Sixlets candies, too.)
  • chocolate sprinkles (We used rainbow sprinkles because we like our rats colorful.)
  • box of cake doughnuts


  • Slice doughnut in half
  • Cut out sections to create a head (We didn’t make all those fancy notches for fear the doughnut would fall apart resulting in tears. We made small slivers on one end so the face was more narrow than the bum.)
  • Freeze the doughnut for several hours (This is important so the doughnut doesn’t crumble when you’re frosting it)
  • Frost the doughnut (To make this easier for the kids, we stuck a wooden skewer vertically through the middle. The kids could hold onto the skewer while frosting. Much easier.)
  • Use a fork to make fur
  • Add a pearl nose, ears and whiskers

rat-bites  our_rat_bites_halloween

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