Movie Review: “Dory” is Making a Splash — in theaters now!

Review by Dan Cournoyer

Ahhhh yes, the long anticipated sequel of our beloved Finding Nemo has finally arrived. It’s about time right? Pixar has delivered on sequels for Toy Story, Cars and even Monsters Inc., and thankfully we’re back in the “anemonemonme.”  Well, per usual, Pixar does not disappoint.  

Finding Dory is the flashback-filled story of Dory’s quest to find her family. It’s a family friendly adventure that EVERYONE will enjoy.

Why Adults Will Enjoy It

Look, this is a movie for kids, no denying this fact, but Pixar movies are always on top because of their mass appeal.  If you’re anything like my wife, or my mom, or just about any woman I know, you’re a big Ellen fan. And if you’re an Ellen fan, you’re a Dory fan. Ellen DeGeneres is fantastic once again and I’m confident these movies would not be as highly rated if it weren’t for Ellen.  

Unfortunately, Pixar usually stays away from the hidden adult humor. All-in-all, when we are only given one Pixar movie a year, this is one to put in the win column. It’s just not enough for me. I love the nostalgia, but it won’t last me until the next Toy Story. Give me more Pixar.

Why Kids Will Enjoy It

Your kids will enjoy seeing the characters they recognize like Nemo, Marlin, Dory, and Squirt, but there’s a whole new cast of fun characters. Dory and Nemo find themselves at a marine institute searching for Dory’s family when they make friends with a whale, a shark, and a squid. Kids are going to love imitating their new friends, especially Dory and her whale friend speaking … whale.  

But kids and parents are not prepared for the magic of Baby Dory.  Kids are going BANANAS for Baby Dory. Let me tell you, she is cute. CUUUUTE. Baby Dory instantly jumped up the charts of cutest animated characters. Get a head start on the Christmas dolls, blankets, towels, and backpacks – Baby Dory is about to take over. Move over Elsa and Anna there’s a new BAE in town.

So if you are looking for a good flick to take the whole family to this summer, Dory will keep the whole family laughing.


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