Rusty Rocket & Dinosaurs at Dusk at the Southworth Planetarium this weekend!

Two great shows in FULL DOME at the Southworth Planetarium!

Rusty Rocket
Saturday, January 11; 3:00pm
Our favorite rocket character, Rusty Rocket, was once a slide and is now completely animated. See this classic planetarium show in full dome computer animation! Join Rusty Rocket and his band of rocket rookies as they explore the solar system.  From the Martian canyons to Saturn’s rings to the Sun’s interior, follow Rusty and his students on their solar system odyssey.

Dinosaurs at Dusk!
Sunday, January 12; 3:00pm
A whirlwind time travel adventure back to the epoch of the dinosaurs! A larger than life extravaganza rife with roaring monsters from the ancient age: bounding, stomping, flying, hunting, and foraging frenetically above you. Propel yourself back through the epochs toexplore an Earth teeming with Pteradons, Triceratrops and, of course, the ferocious and therefore wonderfully marketable- T-Rex!

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$5.50 – adults
$5.00 – children, students and senior

Evening astronomy shows
$6.50 – adults
$6.00 – children, students and seniors

Southworth Planetarium
70 Falmouth Street, Portland ME 800-800-4USM

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